Little Houses: Arlington, VA

These images were taken in a neighborhood just outside of Washington DC that I lived in between 2009-2015. Although I had lived outside of my hometown in Utah before moving to Arlington, this was the first place I felt a shift in my thinking about home. On a flight back from a trip to Utah about 3 years after living in Virginia, I realized that I finally felt I was coming home instead of leaving it.

This project is meant to give the viewer an idea of what it's like to walk down one of these neighborhood streets. The neighborhood is at it's best during the spring when tulips, dogwood and other blooms briefly burst into life before the temperature warms up and the humidity sets in for the summer; but during each season, the neighborhood finds a way to needle it's way into your heart. Autumn is definitely a heavy competitor for affection here, when the smell of aging leaves is thick, acorns start denting cars as they pour by the hundreds from trees and pumpkins start popping up on porches. This is a neighborhood of patriots, and year-round you'll see more U.S. Flags per inch than you're likely to find anywhere.

Although some of these houses have very similar elements, they all have unique details that give each their own, almost human-like character and personality. Some of the exteriors are deceiving in that they appear quite tiny from the front, but if you viewed them in profile you would discover extend quite deeply in the back.  

When I left Utah I missed the mountains. When I left Virginia I missed this neighborhood and these houses. I even miss those noisy wind chimes outside my bedroom window. 

RR | 3.20.16 |  New York City

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